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I have extensive knowledge on coldfusion MX, cfc etc...

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Contact me if you need any custom development on ASP.NET, ASP, Coldfusion, Powerbuilder

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Developed various complex coldfusion application. Involved design, development and implementation.

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Nhoel04/22/08101010Thank you for giving the link and .....
Nhoel03/14/08101010i really appriciate it, thank you.
Nhoel02/12/08101010maraming salamat! (thank you)
Nhoel02/12/081010thanks anyway.more power.
Nhoel02/12/08101010thank you very much, maybe that's why .....

Recent Answers from Srini

2008-05-19 Getting client's computer name:

hi    You can get the following info only    SERVER_SOFTWARE -  Name and version of the information server software answering the request (and running the gateway). Format: name/version.     SERVER_NAME

2008-04-24 a pair of dynamic cfselect:

Hi    you can't access javascript (client) variable in coldfusion (server).    If you want to pass javascript variable to coldfusion, use hidden input variable and pass thru that.    something like this

2008-04-18 a pair of dynamic cfselect:

Hi,    You can't do the dynamic drop down unless you use sending to server OR using Javascript.    If you use javascript you can populate the both dropdown from coldfusion and change dynamically    here

2008-03-31 Coldfusion form:

Hi    You can use FileExists method to findout the whether the file is exists or not if exists append else create new something like this    The following code will solve most of the coding rather you

2008-02-16 detect session variable after a period of time:

hi    Sorry for the late in response, I was so busy at my work...    If you goto Administrator module on coldfusion you will be seeing a separate section you can add run a coldfusion page on any specific


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