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clement sadjere


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I can answer question relating to general counseling question,infidelity in family sexual abuse, broken homes,adultery, courtship and marriage compatibility.

Experience in the area

i am a teacher in my local church for more than 18 years and have handled similar topics. I have been married for 10 years and have 3 lovely kids. I am an Author/motivational speaker with more than 8 years of successfully hosting seminars/training programs where participants have been blessed.


Nigeria Football Referee Association, Geregu Gas Power Plant, The Redeemed Christian Church of God



Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering Diploma Degree in Computer Science Certificate in System Electrical Operations

Awards and Honors

1.Certificate of Achievement awarded for completion of the "100 articles in 100 Days marathon challenge(#HAHD)" January 10, 2011- April 19,2011 by Ezine Articles. 2.Certificate of Achievement awarded for completion of the "100 articles in 100 Days marathon challenge(#HAHD)" September 23, 2010- December 31,2010 by Ezine Articles

What do you like about this subject?

it gives me the opportunity to help those in need and impact positively on those who are hurting.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Hope to learn from the experience of those who are hurting, because each individual comes with a different perspective.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Each time one has the opportunity to put smile on the face of someone who is in distress, it gives an obvious sense of fulfillment.

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Neyara11/01/16101010Your answer was very detailed and easy .....
melanie10/18/16101010thank you so much!
Josephine12/16/13101010This helps me a lot..atleast lessen .....

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2016-10-27 Infidelity:

Hello Neyara,  Sorry for responding a bit late. Job pressure was primarily the reason behind my not answering the question on time. I hope you are doing fine?  To the question you asked, Firstly, both

2016-10-14 trust:

Hello Melanie,  Its rather unfortunate that has chosen to betray the trust you have in him by lying over several things. One fundamental truth we must all learn in relationship, is that truth creates a


Hi Sharon,  I feel so bad getting to read all the wrongs that have been inflicted on you. The deceit,shame, abuse and favoritism put on display can weigh any average individual down. I just feel the pain


Hello Sharon,  Read your story carefully, and i must admit i was touched by the ordeal you have gone through. It is painful to realize that all the good you have done have been misinterpreted and in this

2016-01-31 Question follow up:

Hello Kirsten  Fight you will, and don't ever think of giving up.  The way i see things, Juliette holds the key to resolving all these issues. It doesnt matter how complicated you may think they seem,


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