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Laura Giles, MSW


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I can answer questions about sexual assault, sex offending, domestic violence, substance abuse, acudetox, hypnosis, biofeedback, neurofeedback, ADHD, relationship issues, and run of the mill mental health questions.

Experience in the area

Extensive inpatient, outpatient and criminal justice experience.


BS counseling, MSW social work

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s07/29/16101010Thank you very much Laura.
Karen07/20/16101010Thank you very much. That helps a .....
anonymous07/08/16101010Thank you very much

Recent Answers from Laura Giles, MSW

2016-08-16 counseling:

Hi Jen,    If it were me, I'd probably err on the safe side and meet with the new therapists while you are still in transition. I'd let them know that you plan on taking a break, but would like to establish

2016-07-28 focus problem:

Hello,    I am a huge fan of neurofeedback, especially LENS. A side effect is a new symptom that wasn't there before that is due to the treatment. There are no side effects from LENS. It may overstimulate

2016-03-25 Help:

Hello,    Please get professional help. Of course you can't make any friends. You have no history of being in a loving, caring relationship. You haven't experienced what it is like to have healthy relationships

2016-03-03 health:

Hi Andrew,    There certainly isn't a downside to this and could be many positive benefits. Sound therapy is fabulous. Breathing is a great detoxifier and anxiety reducer.     The best method for regaining

2016-01-26 My life is more than I can handle:

Kerstin,    Q:  Do you know if I could find a mediator?    A: Yes. If you googled "mediator" and your city, I am sure you could find a list of available people. However, 1) I am not sure how you could


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