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My professional expertise is International Banking, concentrating on the areas of Money Transfers/Payment Systems and Int`l Trade Finance. Due to the high amount of travel my job requires, I am competent to give information concerning "Business Travel" as well.

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I have over 10 years of combined Banking/Trade Finance experience. Spreading over 4 continents. Having spent 5 years at Wells Fargo Bank provided me with a solid background in banking. After that, I moved to Israel and worked in Import/Export for 3 Years. Followed by another year as the resident expert in trade finance for the Jerusalem region of a medium sized bank. Capitalizing on my proficiency, I moved into the high-tech world where I remain today as a Business Analyst/Project Manager for Payment Systems.


Certificate in Speech Communications, AA in General Business. Both from Mission College, Santa Clara - California. BS in Int''l Business/Bus. Admin. From San Jose State University, San Jose - California

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Chris01/08/12101010I didn't know about PHONEBEN. Great input .....
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Antoine02/24/11101010Thanks a lot! So helpful!
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2012-01-07 Int'l Wire Xfers & Currency Exchange:

Another common complaint.   None of the banks wants to take responsibility for the process.   The truth is slightly different though. The sending bank has the responsibility to see that the funds arrive

2012-01-05 Int'l Wire Xfers & Currency Exchange:

Chris,    You have a common complaint of folk sending funds abroad.   The interbank rate is the rate that banks give each other. If you're not a bank, you don't get that rate. Naturally there a few exceptions

2011-08-15 International Business:

Hi Nina,    The dictionary defines integrity as "adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty". That hold true for a business operating across boarders too. Though in

2011-02-24 Exchange rate risk:

Hi Antoine,    Foreign exchange risk relates to uncertainty about changes in FX rates that may adversely affect the amount of money you receive.  Here is an example:    An exporter sells goods to a foreign

2011-02-23 Exchange rate risk:

Hi Antoine,    The USD - EUR exchange rate is not a constant. As such the the amount that has left your pocket when you buy is the only known amount in the calculation. If you expect the USD EUR exchange


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