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The Amalfi Coast is my passion and area of expertise. I am very familiar with the history of the region. I can discuss accomodations in many of the towns along the coast. None of my passions are greater than that of food. I can be of great help with the food and restaurants of this coast. I believe that I have a total understanding of how to travel and get around when visiting this area.....something that can be quite helpful.

Experience in the area

I have experienced many extended visits to this area during the past 27 years. My wife and I were married there before it was a popular thing to do with Americans. In addition to the wedding trip there have been anniversary trips which have each included more that two dozen travelers and numerous visits usually for a period of about three weeks with just my wife. I am constantly arranging trips to this area for clients of my business in New York City. I have explored the back roads and small towns in the mountains.


I am a member of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the former The Salon Association where my involvement icluded 12 years of participating as a board director. Today I participate with and chair a few of the association's committees.


My writing has appeared in Salon Today, American Salon and Modern Salon.


I studied architecture and worked in the field for many years, which included design work, model building and fieldwork. I graduated from Brooklyn Tech in 1969.

Awards and Honors

Recognized for my years of volunteering time to PBA as a board member, Community Builder of the Year, and the salon that my wife and I own was recognized by the industry as one of the fastest growing salons in North America for three consecutuive years.

Past/Present Clients

As a model builder I worked for many very prestigeous architects including Philip Johnson, Richard Meyer, Peter Eisenman, Frank William's (who does most of Trump's work)and Charles Gwathmy. When I was involved with residential work clients included Jane Pauly and Gary Trudeau, Sam Waters (the art dealer, Frank Mori (from the fashoin industry) and Karl Von Der Hyden (of Nabisco and Pepsi). Since being involved with the beauty industry our clients have included Donna Hanover, Felicity Huffman, Willy DeVille, Uma Thurman and many writers artista and producers.

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Dear Honeymooners,       This is very exciting for me. While I might be the "Amalfi Coast expert" it is Ravello that is Heaven on earth for my wife and I. I fell in love with Ravello 30 years ago, at a

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I thought I answered your question plus added more info regarding the Amalfi Coast. I mentioned the pier at Amalfi indicating that the town accepts ferry service. I did not offer detailed info regarding

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Richard,  I apologize. I have not been spending time on line for the past few weeks.  The Amalfi Coast is my favorite area of Italy. The town of Amalfi is very special because it has a lot to offer to

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Sorrento in my opinion is the least interesting destination along the coast. I would not spend any time there. Traveling along the coast by bus is the way the locals do it. And you would get to see the

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Lisa,    To add to what I have already shared.........  The town of Amalfi has a lot of action and energy. The transportation center for the coast is located there. Very authentic and very convenient.


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