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Anything on MSSQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0 and 6.x. Anything on MYSQL,MSAccess, DB2 UDB Anything on Database Programming/Scripting.

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Kalyan05/16/14101010very fast and clear response
Alp09/08/11101010His answer was simple and informative.
Alp Durmaz01/28/11101010Mr. Rajshekar replied my question with a .....
sathik06/11/10101010Thanks a lot.

Recent Answers from Manoj Rajshekar

2014-05-15 More number of concurrent database access requests:

Hi Kalyan,    The problem seems to be elsewhere in how the data is fetched or stored. 10 concurrent users is extremely tiny for any DB technology.  Systems are mature to scale to several hundreds/thousands

2010-11-24 DBMS:

Hi Sandeep,    These two cannot be compared as they mean different.    Database schema are the logical structure of entities (like tables or other Db objects) and their relationships in a database    As

2010-09-10 db2 distinct query that pulls the first value from column 3:

Hi Debbie,    You could get the distinct and one of the values from col3.  However on what basis does a specific row for col3 get selected? Is it the first occurence of it? If that's the case is there

2010-06-01 SQl query where backend is MSaccess:

Try this,    And I assume the datatype for col C is varchar/char (essentially a string value) since you have padded zeros in the front.    select * from table where substring(ColC, 3,1) = '1'      This

2010-05-24 sql server 2000 database:

Hello Sathik,    Based on the extension mentioned they seem like backup files. You could restore them in SQL 2000 if the backups were from SQl 2000. And the way to restore them could be found in Books


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