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Microsoft SQL Server: T-SQL development (stored procedures, triggers, functions), Database optimization, performance tuning, high availability (Clustering, Log Shipping, Mirroring, Replication), scalability, SQL Server migration (Sybase/Oracle to SQL Server), SSIS/DTS, Data Warehousing (Kimball Methodology), ETL (SSIS), Cube (SSAS), Reporting Services (SSRS), database modeling, database administration, Security implementation and typically anything related to Microsoft SQL Server.

Experience in the area

With over 10 years of experience in Database Administration, Development, Business Intelligence solutions and managing enterprise level database solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server.
IT Magazine: ASP, SQL


IT Magazine: ASP, SQL


MCA (Masters)

Awards and Honors

Brainbench Certified: RDBMS
MCTS: DBA/Developer/BI for SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2008
MCITP: DBA/Developer/BI for SQL Server 2005/SQL Server 2008
MCDBA: SQL Server 2000
MCP: SQL Server 6.5

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Assaf01/25/16101010Hello Mr. Mohit Nayyar, Thank you very .....

Recent Answers from Mohit Nayyar

2016-06-04 sql server 2012:

Hi Santhosh    Don't worry, there is NO problem with what you are experiencing. This is basically how SSMS works.    When you connect and use a DB all the objects (tables, views, procedures etc.) are cached

2016-05-17 To get duplicate entries on same date:

Hi Bhavesh, It will be best if you can share table details including data and expected results.    You can use group by with having to do that.    SELECT DateColumn, COUNT(1) AS RowCount  FROM TableName

2016-02-08 Deadlock in sql server 2008:

Hi    Please make use of "sys.dm_exec_sql_text" to get the text and filter accordingly. Once done, you can simply generate the KILL command and execute the same.    Example 1:  SELECT TOP 5 total_worker_time/execution_count

2016-01-21 Integer parameters:

Hi Asaaf    You can make sure of parameter default values. Using this approach you can show report based on default parameter and still allow users to change parameter values, if required. If you don't

2014-10-02 Stored Procedure to enter multiple rows into a table:

Hi TJ    Please use following code, I create a sample table and store procedure for you as sample. Please feel free to modify as you like.    IF OBJECT_ID('TestTable', 'U') IS NOT NULL  DROP TABLE TestTable


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