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Considerable experience in the area consisting of 25 years in both consumer and commercial finance and business management, including 15 years specializing in international Mergers and Acquisitions with over $100 billion in assets acquired Education/Credentials Business administration undergrad Wharton post grad in finance Awards and Honors numerous corporate awards Past/Present clients range from small enterprenurial companies to large multinationals

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Challenging, interesting, impacts personal wealth

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Organizing Investment Club to fund real estate investments

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Investment returns or interest income pays you 24 hours a day, even when you sleep or are on vacation

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Money can be used as tool to assist people in need

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2016-10-15 Why is it better to pay off a mortgage in 30 years:

Good question...    Answer is dependent on what you believe, that is, what does the future look like?    I believe higher interest rates are in the offing.  So, low current mortgage rate, but higher mortgage

2016-03-08 Term loan under SBA:

OK    You caught me on vacay in CA.    Am without both a computer and my financial calculator, but this company I volunteer for wants me to answer your question, today.    You can do this....    You simply

2015-11-24 capital one 360 saving offer:

Offer is repeated below:    I am not going to endorse this account, but youre money is safe.    You are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000, in  any one account.    So not sure how much you are thinking

2015-10-27 Loan Modification FICO score:

Carl,    As a banker, and by career, a [art of the "system", I am so sorry that the banking industry has failed you, and I might add, thousands of others.    Don't give up.    That is easy for me to say

2015-10-24 Loan Modification FICO score:

Carl,    Really sorry to hear about your issue....    Although I'm a banker by training, thr credit bureaus are a whole different story.    I would try making an appeal to the highest executive that will


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