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I can answer questions regarding most areas of consumer and commercial finance. I have extensive experience regarding various types of loans (commercial, consumer, USDA, SBA 504, SBA 7A, foreign), many investment vehicles, credit, economics, and banking. I am not an expert regarding tax structures and other tax issues and thus would not recommend asking tax related questions.


Both the Risk Management Association and the Bank Administration Institute.


I have obtained both my Credit Risk Certification from the Risk Management Association and a Loan Review Certification from the Bank Administration Institute.

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2013-01-07 commercial bank lenders liability:

Jayne, thank you for taking the time to ask your question and I am sorry you have suffered all that you have. As you explain it, I would say that some of what has taken place is not legal. While I can

2010-12-30 Reverse Mortgage:

Unfortunately, it depends on the individual institution and loan documents involved. You would best be served by contacting the lender involved and asking them. However, I would recommend, if you receive

2009-12-31 sba loan:

This is certainly an option; however, the decision to allow this is dependent upon the lender themselves. Most times a lender will recognize a temporary problem and will allow this as a solution. I would

2008-12-29 Auto Financing:

Just about any bank should charge a lower rate than that and I would bet that the only reason they charged that rate is because they could. I would take it to a large bank and not a dealership. Wachovia

2007-07-02 Default of Payday Loan:

This is a sticky situation and the answer is not exactly black and white. According to the documents you signed then yes, they can do that. However, the question becomes, will a judge give them authority


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