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Chrysostomos Robert Geis


I am academically and canonically qualified to answer all questions on ethics, ritual, and questions of philosophy as it regards Eastern Orthodoxy. I see that some questions answered here in the site on Eastern Orthodoxy are given a black and white tone. My approach is more [pastoral, which would acknowledge that the human situation does not always come in answers of black and white.

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I am a Prelate Protosyncellus in the Eastern Church, and oversee a community of Priests in the Society of Saint Basil, an autocephalous congregation established and approved under Russian Orthodox Primate in the US in 1917.


I have published thirteen books on Philosophy and Theology (see Robert Geis at Barnesandnoble.com or Amazon.com) and have published in scholarly journals


BA, MA, and PhD, as well as DD

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2016-09-30 long hair:

I'm not quite certain regarding your focus on this particular issue. I try here to answer questions on Orthodoxy that pertain to grace and salvation. The issue of Nazarite practice of hair length in comparison

2016-09-28 long hair:

If I may, I direct you to website http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/clergy_hair.aspx which has an entire history of the issue which you raise. Suffice it for me here to say that physical appearance is not

2016-06-20 Sergius Bulgakov:

Without getting too into the weeds here the straightforward answer to your question is that Bulgakov's view is alien to Holy Orthodoxy. In the 1930s his writings were condemned in an ukaz. Repentance of

2016-05-29 Hell:

Non-Christian views on the after life break down to the following: (1) reincarnation, where the individual repeats life after each death till perfection of character is achieved. The difficulty with reincarnation

2016-05-06 The Sovereignty of God:

The answer quite imply is no. The Holy Orthodox Church does not endorse political candidates. It will only allow that the voter should follow Sacred Scripture in deciding for whom to vote, and for whom


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