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I love helping people know more about Full House, and I can answer any questions you have about this T.V. show. I adore Full House! I have watched every episode many, many times and own all eight seasons on DVD. Anything you need to know, I can answer! Please ask, I really love to help!!

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I have seen all Full House episodes and know them extremely well. I remember things really well and know everything about the show!


I have gone to high school and graduated.

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Kris12/05/12101010Quick , thorough , and helpful.
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2010-07-28 The bear on Full House vs. Family Matters:

Hi!!    That's awesome that you noticed the similarity, most people would miss that! Since Family Matters and Full House ran at the same time, the bear is not exactly the same bear used on each show, but

2009-11-26 full house:

Hi!    Sure I can help you with the last episode! It's a two-part episode called "Michelle Rides Again" parts 1 and 2. The episodes are about when Michelle falls off her horse and loses her memory and

2009-10-20 Hypotenuse show:

Hi!!    thanks for your question! However, I've seen all the the episodes of Full House and I don't recall this ever happening in an episode. Could you have it mixed up with a different show? I know I

2009-04-29 stephanie's band:

Hi Katie :)    The song you are thinking of is called "I Saw the Sign" originally done by a band called Ace of Base.    I'm sure you can buy it on iTunes if you wanted to.    Thanks for your question,

2009-02-10 Decoration in Jesse and Becky's Attic:

Hi!    Okay, so I think the object you're referring to is this thing somewhat similar to a lava lamp. You plug it into an outlet and inside it has confetti that gets shot around inside. It's pretty much


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