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I can answer anything about Full House. I know everything from all eight seasons including quotes, story lines, whether Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen plays in a particular scene, and everything else related to the show. I also know quite a bit about the actors' lives outside of the series.

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I have been watching this show since I was three years old. I have every episode on tape and DVD, and I have seen them all over twenty times each.


I graduated from Pepperdine, and I am a successful top expert in another category.

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Recent Answers from Catherine

2012-02-14 song Jessie sang:

Hey Deana,  Can you give me anymore context on this?  Any specific episode or anything that you remember happening when he sang this?  Three of the big songs that he did on the show were "Michelle's Smiling

2011-02-04 Full house soundtrack:    "Everywhere You Look" by Jesse Frederick - He wrote it along with Bennett Salvay and series creator Jeff Franklin.  It was written

2010-07-17 one of Michelle's classmates:

Hi Amy!  They do look alike, but the kid who played Derek's name is Blake Ewing.  is where you can find more info on him.  I love when he sings the Elton John duet

2010-06-16 song on the 2nd part of disney trip:

I know what you're talking about - I love that song too.  And I have spent time looking for it also, but I've never been able to find anything about it.  It's a song just for that episode, and I don't

2009-12-21 Song:

Hi Ved,     The song is "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett. But this is not actually in the episode about Vicky's age, it's in "The Graduates," episode 25 of season 4.  This is the episode where Danny dates


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