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I can answer most questions about the show and the cast. I don't know much about the producers of the show, but I'll be happy to try my best.

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I teach creative writing at an elementary school and I substitute at middle schools.


I have a bachelor's degree in teaching.

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allison01/14/081010Thank you!

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2008-01-11 help !!!:

What are you doing? Testing me? only joking, I don't mind.    5. Minnie  6. Ohio  7. Santoni  8. Andrea Barber  9. Sorry, don't know  11. Andrew  2. Stephanie  3. "Wow, if that's a pizza guy, he really

2007-08-29 Full House:

Hi Kendall!  You know, there wasn't an official season finale, but the last episode before it was canceled was "Michelle Rides Again." Stephanie is mad at Michelle because she embarrasses her in front

2007-08-12 fullhhouse:

In Season One, for the pilot episode, they did the regular version of the theme song, not the shortened one. There it shows a shot of Michelle on top of Uncle Jesse. Also, there's one where Uncle Jesse

2007-08-06 fullhhouse:

This isn't an episode. it's just in the theme song.

2007-07-16 Episode: The King And I:

Dear Teresa,    After searching for a while, I found them. The song was written by Mark Vogel and John Stamos for the show, but there has been other people singing it outside Full House. Here they are:


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