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I can answer anything about Full House! I live for that show.

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I have seen each episode so many times and I grew up watching it.


I can tell you what happened to each character and where they are now in life.

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Emily06/28/07101010Chelsey you were a lot of help .....

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2007-11-29 FULL HOUSE:

Stephanie: got married n tried meth n then divorced n now shes married again and shes expecting.    DJ: is married to a hockey player...joey introduced them to each other for about 5 or more years, she

2007-09-27 full house:

Full House was canceled after the eighth season because of the increasin costs to produce the show, n john stamos(jesse) said that it was his last season working for the show and the others also said that

2007-08-03 full house:

Im soooo.... sorry but i dont remember what the first episode is called, or what else happened in them.    Im sooo....sorry but, i also dont remember what happendd in the second question or what it is

2007-08-01 full house:

I dont know what any of these episodes are called so I cant help you there im soooo..... sorry. I also dont remember what happened in each of the episodes so again I cant help you there either. I am soooooo

2007-06-26 Mr.Bear:

You can't get the bear from full house that is not avaible. Yes, there are official web sites of all the cast members, i know theres one of nicky and alex. I am not sure where you can get the full house


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