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I specialize in Juvenile Crime (Property Crimes - stealing from home, shoplifting, autotheft, joyriding, burglary, etc.) Juvenile Drug Use/Abuse (Prescribed or unprescribed ADHD, Xanex, Weed, etc.) Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention. I do not provide legal advice, however I can point you to the laws in your state regarding consequences of your illegal actions or someone else's. I work face-to-face with juvenile offenders, both pre-adjudicated and adjudicated. I am the gap filler of statistics otherwise unheard of by the justice systems. I am the fly on the wall, seeing and hearing things that teens do not share with their parents. I then point them in the direction of helpful social services.

Experience in the area

I am a statewide director of programs to address criminal issues that juveniles encounter. I find programs and implement them as well as provide training to professionals. I also work with youths throughout the various stages of their lives.


Extensive history of training by the Department of Justice, local universities, and Office of Juvenile Affairs. I am also a Certified District Court Family & Divorce Law Mediator. (I am NOT an attorney. Please do not confuse the two.) I am also certified in the area of Domestic Violence and a certified trainer for Healthy Relationships. If you reside in Oklahoma, and you are interested in training or free services, please contact me.

Awards and Honors

Oklahoma County Juvenile Justice Center's Volunteer of the Year for 2009.

Past/Present Clients

Court referred clients as well as walk-ins from the general public.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I am not an attorney. Nor do I profess to be one. However, I can point you in the right direction.

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