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I can answer everything from abstinence to eating disorders to homosexuality to jealously. Consider me the expert on all things teenager like. If you have a question I can`t answer, I`ll ask around until I can get you a speedy reply.

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I was a teenage girl once so I've been through a lot in all my years. I may not have experienced all parts of being a teenager, but I have friends who have.

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Franchesca09/19/12Thank you for the advice!:)

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2014-01-03 I'm seriously scared and confused:

First of all, you need to talk to someone.  Is there an adult or someone at school you trust to talk to about this?  I would make an appointment at Planned Parenthood ASAP so you can get a proper pregnancy

2010-12-24 self defense:

Kelly -    If it's something that makes you happy then you should absolutely keep doing it. Don't let your jerk of a brother keep you down.  You're right about being able to take someone down if done properly

2010-06-26 Please Help!:

Fernanda -    First off, you need to know that this is NOT your fault.  No one asks for or deserves to be abused.  You should tell your parents immediately about this.  If you're not comfortable with that

2010-01-14 Jealousy:

Brooke -    You need to tell another counselor or a teacher or a parent...someone who will listen to you and do something about this.  You don't deserve to be harassed like this and your school should

2009-10-31 Please help me, I dont know what to do!:

Milan -    Her losing her virginity to this guy is not a valid reason to stay with him.  If he's not treating her right then she should end the relationship.    Be a supportive friend to her in whatever


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