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I was once an expert on Askme.com, yet because askme is going out, I feel I can help people here. I am an expert in many areas of life, so why not try to be an expert here. State your ages with questions. I do not give medical advice online FAILURE TO INCLUDE AGES MAY RESULT IN FAILURE TO ANSWER(DECLINE QUESTION) POST IN BEST AREA FOR YOUR QUESTION OR QUESTIONS.

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Questioner agrees that it is their responsibility to check to make sure advice is legal in their area. I am not responsible if advice backfires. I cannot give legal advice, and advices posted are just “thoughts”. Advice can change with more facts.

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Please note I do not give legal advice online for I am not a lawyer. Dating in some areas is illegal if you are below a certain age.

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Olivia09/23/12101010Thank you, I will seek outside help .....

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2012-05-05 low self esteem\ suicidal thoughts:

Hi,  I highly recommend you to see your doctor and talk to them asap. You can also try the National suicide hotline for advice. The third party help line is here:    http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline

2011-03-13 abuse:

You need to get child services involved asap. I don't know the state you are in, but you need to do this asap. If someone is in direct danger contact the police.     If you are in a US state I can give

2010-09-21 im 16 and i want to move out.:

I hope you reported this rape, and abuse. I recommend talking to your doctor and a trusted teacher. Also use this third party help line:    nineline.org/    I am one that believes in staying in high school

2010-08-03 teenage incest practised:

Hi,  I receive questions like this from time to time. I recommend due to how you are feeling to see a psychologist ASAP. Talk to your doctor asap. If anyone including your self is in danger contact the

2010-06-06 signs of teenage girl depression:

Hi,  This is my coworker. He is a parenting teen expert. He is one of my best coworkers and I highly recommend him.    Here is his weblink:    http://www.allexperts.com/ep/863-23324/Parenting-Teens/James-Windell


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