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I'm 22 years old and have experienced a lot in life, I'm here to help! What do you have to loose?

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I have been through a lot! I have personally expierenced or had friends that have experienced relationship/dating issues and it just ranges from topics to topics. I have counseled several people and that's what I'm doing here online ha plus it's free!

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2015-03-22 Living a Lie:

Well it's a sticky situation and in all honesty, I don't see the "good" really in telling them, because I would continue to date and if at 18 years old you are still dating then you can go to them and

2014-02-12 I'm going to be away from my girl,I'm depressed.:

First off, can you still keep in touch even after classes are done?  Some people's husband and wives are off fighting the war and they are married and have kids and they make it work, it's just long distant

2013-11-23 What should I do?:

in this circumstance there's nothing you can really do, I mean no matter how old you get you are still your mommy's little girl type of thing and she doesn't want to think of you in that way, and to be

2013-11-03 My "pervert" boyfriend?:

A very important question is how old are you?  And even though they are your parents if he is truly the one, then that should be all that matters, yes that is much easier said than done, but try to pick

2013-10-22 which girl do I pick:

it doesn't matter how you tell this other girl how you feel just do it and do it SOON, be nice to your girlfriend at the same time but this other girl you like is not doing all that stuff because she knows


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