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Please note, after years of providing free advice, I now require a donation (the amount is up to you) prior to answering your question. Issues relating to: relationships, alcohol and drugs, sexuality, problems with parents and peers, struggles with divorcing parents, anxiety, mood changes and anger problems and pretty much everything else you can think of.

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Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and 22+ years counselling experience with individuals, couples, and families. I also taught a communication course at a community college in my hometown.


MA Counselling Psychology BA Psychology

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2014-06-28 A 5 and a half gap...:

Hi, thx for your question. I think the biggest issue is that you live so far apart. I'm unclear how you can/will maintain a relationship with that distance? The other problem that you have brought up,

2013-11-16 Guy issues. I have no idea what's going on with him...:

Hi Emma, thx for your question. Hmmmm, my first response is that he possibly was sending that text to someone else and unknowingly sent it to you??? I say that b/c the turn around seems very strange. On

2013-11-03 Separation From Parents:

Hi Yllara, thanks for your email. You sound like a mature, articulate 16 year old who certainly has a good idea of what is working/not working in your life. Up to this point it sounds like, for various

2013-10-30 Relationships and when not to tell the truth:

Hi Raven, thx for your email. I will answer the second question b/c it's much less complicated but will refer to the first question in my response. It sounds like you are pretty clear on what you need

2013-05-20 Relationship:

Hi Lauren, thx for your email. I'm unclear what advice you want. I will say that although you say you trust him, you clearly don't. If he's fooling around behind your back then that isn't trustworthy behaviour


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