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Howard M. Fitzcharles III


Triumph TR-4 up & Spitfire, and Engine theory

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Dealership line mechanic on MG, Triumph, Jaguar for 15 years, Instructor in commercial mechanics school 2 yr. Product information manager for piston and valve manufacture, Instructor & hotline answer man for import car parts importer 15 yrs.


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ASE Master Auto with L-1 certification up to 2000

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2016-10-04 1965 Spitfire MKII:

Hi William,    Is this distributor have points? It is impossible to have the distributor rotor pointed in the wrong direction as it is keyed to the distributor points cam. It does not matter which tooth

2016-09-01 brakes/carb:

Hi Douglas,    That sounds like a leaking master cylinder into a vacuum brake booster. The white smoke is most likely brake fluid and you should note loss of brake fluid too.     When master cylinder seals

2016-08-30 Mark ll Spitfire:

Hi William,    If you set the cam timing as per their marks that is all there is to that.     Carbs not idling and back fire can be out of adjustment. Cam must be correct first and it it is as the marks

2016-08-04 Crossbar hand brake assembly TR7 5speed:

When you pull on the hand brake you pull the "L" lever and it pivots on the pin that connects it to the lateral rod and the end pries the one shoe against the drum. The pivot pin than applies pressure

2016-07-31 Crossbar hand brake assembly TR7 5speed:

Hi Ken,    The "L" shaped lever that goes through the rubber boot is connected to the cross bar that goes to the opposite shoe and that is all there is there and they are not attached to anything. Only


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