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Howard M. Fitzcharles III


Triumph TR-4 up & Spitfire, and Engine theory

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Dealership line mechanic on MG, Triumph, Jaguar for 15 years, Instructor in commercial mechanics school 2 yr. Product information manager for piston and valve manufacture, Instructor & hotline answer man for import car parts importer 15 yrs.


Associate member SAE EAA member


Import Car magazine


ASE Master Auto with L-1 certification up to 2000

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2017-02-11 Rough Running Engine 77 Spitfire 1500:

Hi Brian,     Your compression readings indicate a problem. The 80 PSI is a sure misfire at low RPM. You need to run both a "Dry" compression test and a "Wet" on each cylinder. With all the plugs out run

2017-02-11 Triumph GT6 rotolex coupling:

Hi Greg,    To get the rubber "U" joint (rotoflex)off, you need to remove the wheel hub from the outer stub axle and remove the shock and the upper bolt that connectes the virticle link to the spring.

2017-02-11 anti run-on valve and oil pressure sender wiring:

Hi Mike,  All I could find was a diagram of the connections but without any ID of the connections. However, the switch is a ground when the pressure drops below 5 PSI for the dash idiot light and it operates

2017-01-07 1980 TR7 Spider convertible alternator belt:

Hi Vincent,    I don't remember which pulley grove it goes into but if you put it in a grove and just snug it up you can see if it is in line with the alternator pulley. Some water pump pulleys had several

2017-01-02 TR7:

Hi Rich,    The first thing to do is to remove the distributor rotor and put the car in 4th gear with the hand brake off. Look closely at the distributor shaft and move the car back and forth by hand and


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