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I am able to answer questions regarding: ceramics, beeswax candles, cleaning things from other things, working with wood/pinecones/etc. in the making of centre pieces & wall hangings. I also have a Christmas Village that is approximately 60 square feet in area & takes, at this time, 3 days to assemble for the Christmas Season, but only one day to take down. I also am a great baker & cake/cookie/cupcake decorator (I made my own wedding cake, my sister's for her 25th wedding anniversary, & for two of my friends weddings) & chocolate user for fancy stuff. I have done some small quilting projects & am starting something known as a "Farm Quilt". It requires taking pictures of people, animals & farm buildings on the farm you are using for a model. These pics are then transfered onto the quilt & "quilted" into it. Great fun! Great Family Heirlooms! I know a little about bisque, but more about ceramics. I also do sewing pictures. No, I do not do needle point. The pics are drawn & then various stitches are used to create a three-dimentional appearance.

Experience in the area

I have made many presents for others--Christmas, Birthdays, etc. Also, I sold crafts for several years. I have also worked with 4-h-ers for several years as a craft leader, goat leader, woodsman coach, & photography. Now, a friend & I have a business (more hers than mine:) making several varieties of pure beeswax candles. Not the cheepy ones you buy in the dollar store. We go through several hundred pounds of high-grade beeswax every year. It is more a natural, life-styles choice than just candles for burning. They are all natural in style although they take on various shapes as we learn more about versatility.


I am still a 4-H leader in crafts & gardening. "The Garden Bee" is the name of my friend's company. You can view it at on her website, should you so desire. Also, I have recently retired after 16 years of directing our Church Choir.


I have a BSc in Psychology/Computer Sciences. As well, I have taken a couple of courses in ceramics & basic painting which have come in very handy over the years when doing various things with students & friends.

Awards and Honors

Absolutely none, unless you count the numberous children & adults who have shown their gratitude for the teaching/coaching/helping/providing that I have done over the years.

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