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I have been making handmadepaper for over 15 years and teaching adults and children for the last 10 years. I can answer most questions about papermaking and many about bookbinding. The books I make from handmade paper and are usually simple bindings with paper covers.

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President of Papermakers of Victoria Vice President of The Victorian Bookbinders Guild Two Solo exhibitions and many group shows Website at

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I love the flexibility and versatility of it.

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Eddie09/26/12101010Thanks Gail!
Rhondda12/08/09101010she gave me my answer very quickly .....
michael11/09/09101010Thanks for your response, we here at .....
Paige09/08/09101010Thank you very much!

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2015-02-05 End sheets and pastedown:

Hi Gary,  Have you considered getting a papermaker to match the papers? I see you are in Ohio, you could contact the Morgan conservancy paper facility in Cleveland, they have a website so if you google

2011-03-31 how to make these type of papers?:

Hi Deenina,  This paper is very special, it is made from very the long fibres of Kozo. I believe the patterns are made by having a type of stamp and holding it under the mould as the paper is made. I have

2011-02-15 Science Fair Papermaking:

How do I make sure that my paper pulp is smooth?  You can get smooth pulp by using a blender to make the pulp.    2. What is Caustic Soda?  It is sodium hydroxide and is a very strong alkali which should

2010-07-15 Organic paper?:

I must admit I am a little grossed out by the prospect but I guess the best way would be trial and error. Take a bucket of waste and cook it up with 10% w/w caustic soda, wash that well in a net bag the

2010-07-14 Organic paper?:

It might be feasible for some waste like the waste from juicers, but for most food there is not enough fibre to make good quality paper.


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