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I can answer most questions about ingredient usage, recipes, food trends, food preparation, food science, cooking techniques, and possibly anything else that excites you about the restaurant world or food of all types! If I don't know, I love doing the research to find out. While not currently certified, I was certified in food safety while in the business, I can answer most general questions about safe food handling practices.

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I was once accused of being obsessed with food - I plead guilty your honor. I managed restaurants, front (servers, bar, host, etc.) and back (kitchen, dish, etc.) for about 7 years. Prior to that I worked just about every position in the restaurant and have throughout my life had a passion for great food. Whether it be a perfect burger or sea urchin roe, persian or cambodian, raw, cooked, or cured; I find great pleasure in cooking, eating, and talking about food. With my 2nd kiddo on the way and lonely wife at home, I decided to end my brief career in restaurants a few years ago and join the more sane, but infinitely less exciting 8-5 job world. While I miss it, I have had more time to enjoy food as a hobby, entertain, research, write, learn and experiment.


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Human Resources Self-Ordained Lover of All Things Food Related

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David11/15/13101010No problem about the delay. Your advice .....
Jaime 01/15/13101010Excelent!!!Brett helps me A LOT!!!
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CR03/07/12101010Many thanks. Your answer is just the .....
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