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BBQ Rubs and Seasonning. Types of meats best for smoking, grilling even oven cooking, Suggested recipes for any occasion.

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cooking and catering for 30 years. Native Texan and Licsened Food Manufacturer. Public Speaker on outdoor cooking, sports and education. Owner of Big Al's Texas Rubs, BBQ Rubs and Seasonnings.www.BigAlsTexasRubs.com


My cooking education has been self taught by cooking and catering for over 30 yrs. Have spent extensive time in Mexico and different states that have strong ideas in regards to why their style of BBQ is best.

What do you like about this subject?

I love seeing people enjoy my BBQ

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I have cooking show on outdoor channels

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Recent Answers from Alan Vogel

2012-04-16 Spice blends start up:

Josie,  your co-packer can do the whole thing for you. Make sure that you understand the pricing for each operation. When I first started I had my co-packer just blend my spices and sell them in 30lb containers

2012-03-28 Bacon Flavoring:

Hello Ken,    I will be honest with you, if you want a bacon flavor you have to use bacon. You could saute you vegetables with bacon then remove the bacon but that is the only thing that I can think of

2012-01-30 Beef Flavor:

Howdy Ken,   Thank you for writing.  I have found a lot of the canned beef products do have a stronger beef taste.  The reason is the addition of preservatives and fillers.  I would try liquid smoke, they

2011-07-14 Help:

OK, here we go...lol  Spices are added early to allow those spices to blend with the rest of the ingredients. The second question is a mater of semantics.  The third question is Herbs is the leafy part

2011-06-02 rub concentration:

Paul,    You will have a concentration of flavor with a dry rub.  That is not a bad thing.  I think throwing the venison in a shaker bag is a good idea for the first batch. you can then shake off the extra


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