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I can answer most questions, regarding, wood sculpture, wood carving, carving tools and accessories and different types of woods.I am not an appraiser of carvings nor an antique dealer.

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I do full design work, custom carving, restoration, fabrication, repair and refinishing. I can take a piece of raw wood and turn it into a work of art and I can help you do the same. I am "the" carving instructor for the new york city parks dept. I am heavily involved in carving on the internet and belong to many, many mail lists which are quite active. I am also an international promoter of woodcarving and am affiliated with many master carvers, notably nora hall, originally from holland, now in the U.S. and kalina pavlova, a bulgarian master carver. I routinely communicate with the top names in professional woodcarving nationally and internationally.


the national association of woodcarvers. the woodcarvers of queens NY, the staten island woodcarvers. the northeast woodcarving association. the world wide carving internet list


chip chats-the national magazine of woodcarving. also at


Self taught artist and sculptor, 40 years of drawing and painting as a hobby, 5 years of serious woodsculpting. I have my own website and have written a 300 pg book on carving. I have published online tutorials and pictorial projects

Awards and Honors

many first place awards

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Woodcarving is one of the oldest crafts known to man. Man has practiced woodcarving since the dawn of the age of reason.

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Recent Answers from maura macaluso

2014-09-17 Wood:

Hi Ryan          Petrified wood should be carved like stone would be, using chisels, hammers, rifflers and power tools using carbide and diamond bits.   Woodcarving tools are not tough enough to do this

2013-02-03 MDF or Pinewood or PlyWood:

Sanjay, I do not know much about running a furniture business. I am a woodcarver because I love wood, the feel, the smell, the look.  If it were my company, I would want to produce a product that I could

2012-01-08 screw holes in a press board cabinet:

Hey Chris,   ahh yes, Pressboard....that wonderful modern throw-away furniture.  Was certainly never meant to be repaired. However I do have an old trick that works sometimes, although there is absolutely

2011-10-18 cloudy finish on table top:

Barb,         Unfortunately, I believe the answer to your question is yes, the top will need to be sanded and refinished.  There are so many reasons for this "cloudiness" to have occurred. Possibilities

2011-06-06 Cabinet - black stuff:

Hi Shardul, It certainly looks to me like some kind of mold issue.  I wouldn't sand any more of it because that may put it into the air which could be unsafe.  I think perhaps a bleach solution should


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