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Questions on Woodworking, wood finishing and refinishing of all kinds, repairing furniture and wooden objects, Architectural details, Woodturning, carving, tool usage, product usage, some chemistry as it applies to woodworking and related interests,cabinet making and furniture construction/design, etc. I have experience with all manners of colorants, finishes, paints, stains, dyes, glazes, and coatings, wood species recognition and usage,tool recommendations, blade types and recommendation,techniques and methods for many Woodworking related issues, etc.

Experience in the area

Fine furniture restorer and cabinet maker for over 30 years,serving high end Antique dealers, Interior designers, Collectors in the CT area. Consulting for area Painting/Decorating and Building contractors on non painting issues..(staining, wood prep.,clear finishing, floor restoration and architectural detail restoration and repair, etc.) Sold, built, serviced, setup Home, Industrial, and Commercial stationary woodworking tools for a major tool retailer in CT. for three years, sold hand and power tools , provided knowledge, parts replacement, service, and on site service, Trade show Demo, and training as well.


Published in Fine Woodworking Magazine (12/97), included on Fine Woodworkings first "Best of Fine Woodworking" CD-ROM (2002) ...("27 year compilation of expert know-how")


Art School at Silvermine Guild in Norwalk, CT., 9 year apprenticeship in a European run Cabinet and Restoration shop in CT., various classes on subjects having to do with the field. Seminars from major Tool manufacturers, Skil/Bosch, Delta, Powermatic, Ritter, Porter cable, Milwaukee, Dewalt/B&Decker, Performax.

Past/Present Clients

Many varied clients including work on Martha Stewarts' Westport, CT. show house, many fine Antique dealers and private collectors in and around Fairfield County and in Woodbury, CT. (the Antiques capital of CT.), Golden Age of Trucking Museum,Consulting for area Painting/Decorating and Building contractors on non painting issues..(staining, wood prep.,clear finishing, floor restoration and architectural detail restoration and repair, etc.), local Museums and Historical Societies. For the last two years I have been employed with Schwenke Auctioneers Inc.- Woodbury Auction LLC., as a staff photographer,IT tech,and doing restoration and repair work as well.

What do you like about this subject?

I love restoring items so that they will continue on in families, History, and in tradition to outlive me. I also love replacing a missing part with such care and accuracy, that you can't tell I did anything, or restoring a real eyesore to reveal a beautiful object underneath that will live on and continue to serve humanity as the maker intended.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I learn everyday and continue to hone my skills. I have recently been developing my carving skills beyond the intermediate level, and I have been working on starting a Blog shortly, something I have been dying to do! - Stay tuned! I plan to join the local Woodturning guild in the near future, and I'm interested in learning to construct and play Native American Flutes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Things are not made with the same soul, care, thought to construction, beauty and longevity anymore,and that's a huge shame. What will be tomorrows Antiques? The answer, sadly, is yesterdays Antiques,and fine furniture and items from todays relatively small group of Artisans and Craftspeople, if they are cared for and appreciated PROPERLY by todays craftsmen.( and women!)

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

While the Furniture industry continues to adapt metal, plastic, vinyl, sawdust, particleboard and other byproducts into the furniture stream, Landfills are already full of this crap, while real furniture survives generations. Something is being lost by the consumer,The appreciation for fine craftsmanship, the warmth, look, feel,of a finely crafted, piece of furniture.

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