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Can answer questions on the environment as it relates to forest habitats, and forestry in general.

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I am an expert in Forestry, Forest Entomology, Forest Pest Control, and Forest Health. Extensive knpwledge in Identification of insect, and diseases of trees. Expert in bark beetles and other insects that attack Forests. Also a Registered Forester with extensive knowledge in Forest Management and care of forests.


BS in Forest Management and Entomology
Registered Forester
Certified Pesticide Applicator

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2013-05-30 deforestation:

The only short term effect would be IF all the trees AND vegetation were cleared down to the soil and you could get movement of soil onto your property. I doubt this is happening. Most builder do remove

2011-04-16 fungus or lichen on trees:

Lichens are an example of a symbiotic relationship between algae and certain fungi. They are capable of producing their own food. The algae associated with the fungus is a green or blue-green alga. There

2009-10-15 Transplanting Young Dogwood Tree:

Dogwoods like a more shady environment so I would move the tree.     Deciduous trees and shrubs may be planted either in the spring or the fall. Deciduous plants may be moved in the spring as soon as the

2009-10-14 forestry and wildlife habitat:

I all depends on what type of wildlife you are talking about--Game species like deer, turkey etc. or non game species like song birds. Clearcut forest will have a very diverse set of species of wildlife

2009-08-24 Bugs eating pine trees:

If the noise is a sawing type sound this is an insect called a pine sawyer. These infest trees that are already dead or dying and they themselves will not kill the tree. Something else has or is killing


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