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I maintain that it is practical and economical to end global warming and completely halt climate change. By necessarily must include the elimination of our use of fossil fuels. The science on these issues is often deliberately distorted for marketing reasons. I can answer most questions on the science and mathematics of global warming. I can answer the questions on what we must do to restore climate and weather stability.

Experience in the area

Author of PRIORITY ONE Together We can Beat Global Warming. Published as paper-back in US and hard-cover in Australia. Agricultural consultant both in Australia and the US. Aviation meteorologist and lecturer.


American Association for the Advancement of Science Australian Gliding Association


Various agricultural magazines and newspapers.


No degree, but post graduate work on nuclear physics and early computer designs at Dept of Physics, University of Sydney. Numerous lectures and presentations at colleges both in Australia and the US.

Awards and Honors

Several agricultural design awards at the Australian National Agricultural Field Days. Winner Queensland Gold Coast City 2001 Innovation Design Award

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Recent Answers from Allan Yeomans

2016-11-21 Ozone destruction and global warming:

     Everything would work fine. Problem is the quantities. To take the air in a city and pump it all through some place where you can add the iron in the quantities needed to make sense is just too expensive

2016-08-09 Career planning regarding climate change:

Hello Flo    There is nothing as dangerous to our human civilization, at this time than the overheating and destabilization of the Earth's biosphere. Humanity could get over a nuclear war in 50 years or

2014-08-07 ECOLOGY-ENVI SCI:

   What do I do? Well I’m the one who dreamed up the idea of using the process of increasing the fertility of our agricultural soils to fix global warming. That was in a series of lectures and papers

2014-05-12 Distorted Info on Global Warming:

  Go to my web site www.yeomansplow.com.au There you will find more information on the problem and how to fix it than at any other site anywhere.     The UN is not interested in having “any worthwhile”

2014-05-07 Distorted Info on Global Warming:

   The geocarbon industries use the standard techniques used in Perception Management.      Somebody saying that global warming is a real and terrifying reality might be described as a “supposed expert”


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