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Etymology: The origins of English words and phrases. Anchor/Reporter NBC and CBS Networks. News Director 3 Regional Radio Stations.

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2014-07-17 Meaning of Word "Eulogy":

 Hello, I hope you're having a fine week.    Originally a eulogy was a formal oration in praise of someone.   In more recent usage, it has come to mean 'a speech or piece   of writing that praises someone

2014-06-12 Testimonial:

 Hello,  I hope that you are having a fine week.       A testimonial may be written or verbal; whichever is requested.  However, in my experience, a student applying for a professional position or for

2014-04-30 Hindi:

Hello,  I hope you are  having a fine week,          Here are some English words of Hindi origin:        Jodhpurs, Nirvana, Maharajah, Shampoo, Thug, Typhoon, Yoga,Sorbet, Cummerbund, Guru, Dinghy,Chushy

2014-03-15 peas/ant:

 Hello, I hope you are having a fine weekend,       You are so right;  Most dictionaries provide definitions but are weak on etymology.    Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology is considered an excellent

2014-02-27 Latin word creator and explanation:

 Hello,  I hope you're having a fine week.       My specialty is etymology;  the origins of English words and phrases but I'll give your Latin word a try.       The Latin word 'universus' meaning all


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