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I can answer questions pertaining to the following areas: Teaching methods, evaluation of teachers, teachers` moral, curriculum design and market research, students` attrition and completion rate, students` counseling and career planning in Post Secondary Education.

Experience in the area

I was a President of private two-year school of business for over ten years, Vice president for three years, and a director of education for two years for a two-year college. Additionally, I have over twenty years of teaching experience in high school and post secondary education combined.




Doctorate degree in Education from Nova University
Master degree in Early Childhood from Nova University

Awards and Honors

School evaluator for the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges & schools in Washington DC.

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Demetrius12/06/16101010Dr Ashurax is very knowledgeable and polite .....
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2016-12-05 Teachings in Public Schools:

Dear Demetrius:    Essentially, curriculum is designed  with certain important tasks in mind such as clear learning objectives, adequate learning materials in the form of text books, laboratories, and

2016-10-28 just info:

Dear GUL:    Regardless of the type of skills pursued, remember that correct knowledge and adequate expertise and training through competent mentors, dependable sources, healthy environment and accessible

2015-08-08 Choosing the School That's Right For Me:

Hi Cameron:    Colleges and universities do differ in their studentsí criteria of acceptance.  Mostly, however, do have certain standard on which they base their studentsí selections in their campus. Basically

2014-08-01 report cards questions:

Dear Joe:    Every school is mandated by the department of education to write their rules and regulations in the studentís handbook that is given to each student at the 1st day of school.  Adding to that


Dear Nellie:      The issue of transferability of credits can vary from one school to another by restricted   range of decisions. Hence, credits are governed by the decision making of each school individually


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