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I can answer questions on buying a home or a ranch in Texas. I have been an active broker since 1984. Realtor of the year, Board president, and I own my own real estate company in Weatherford, Texas. CRB designation.

Past/Present Clients

Walt Garrison
Bob Kingsley
Will Clark

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy helping people find their perfect home.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to continue to learn from other people and expand my knowledge of the market.

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Recent Answers from Dottie Worthington

2015-08-22 making bids:

Hello.  Sorry you had a bad experience.   In Texas you don't have a contract until a signed  contract has been delivered.  Sounds as if you need a lawyer also.   Your earnest money shouldn't have been

2015-03-06 Calculating balcony sqft in total sqft:

Hi Pablo    Normally for a part of the home to be included in the sq ft as liveable it would have to be heated and cooled.  The porches, garage, etc have value, just not as much as liveable space.    I

2014-11-03 no curb appeal:

Several questions come to mind....Is it listed with a Realtor?  Is it listed in the market price range for your area?  There are two things that keep a house from selling.  Price and location. One of those

2014-07-09 Payments for Lands and home:

Never heard of that.  The home would be free and clear if you paid with US currency or gold.  If you do not mortgage the property, then you will have the deed in your name without a lien.  Now, you may

2014-04-15 Moving from CA to TX:

Welcome to Texas, you are going to love it!  The lender will require you to have income, and it won't matter about the relocating if it is a same type of job.  It can all be specific to your situation


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