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I can answer questions about buying or selling your home, and questions about the market in Massachusetts, with detailed answers if you ask about my specific area in Mass, Metrowest. I can help with Investment property and the basics of financing. How to construct deals and how to find bargains and how to protect capital. Land, home sales, rehabs, fix and flips, income property are places where I could be able to assist you. I can also answer basic questions about foreclosure, short-sales, 1031 exchanges, and basic questions about how the economy and credit markets are functioning and how that affects you.

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My company sells residential real estate in Metrowest, and we have had a been selling real estate in the area for 20 years. My Blog can be read at Real Estate Sales in Massachusetts


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Vanderbilt University BA

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My client list is private.

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2017-02-02 Buying a house on Section 8:

Hello:    To do rent to own, you need 3 things:    1) A person who wants to sell  2) A person who wants to buy and is able to do so  3) A contract that explains how much the buyer will pay and the seller

2016-08-31 Solar panels:

Hi-    I've written about this topic on my blog. In general, leasing panels doesn't help you sell your home, in my experience.  However, buyers are getting more comfortable every year, so in five years

2016-06-18 Lease agreement:

 1) House Ownership:  This is who owns the house.  The Deed reflects all the owners.  The MORTGAGE reflects all the borrowers.    There are many different ways to do house ownership.  I bought my house

2016-01-13 Build or Buy:

Hi-    It's not a one-size fits all answer.   The answer is: What nets you the most equity?      If I buy a fixer-upper for 25,000, put 25,000 in to it, and it is worth $75,000, then I have made 75,000

2015-12-04 No disclosure of septic tank:

OK, so there are many questions here in your statement.   I will try to break them down.    First though, you should know that what you want to do here is a LEGAL question, not a real estate question,


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