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I have studied Real Estate for a long time and my wife is a Realtor with Century21. Need help buying, selling, Landlord-Tenant, foreclosing, loans, and alot more, I can help you or show you where you can find the help.

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Study real estate for most of my life and wife is Realtor.


Study real estate for most of my life and wife is Realtor.

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2010-11-06 Buying a house with delinquent taxes.:

No.  If he owes back taxes and has not paid them, how is he going to finance the house to you?  He would have to pay the taxes in order to do this.    Call the city/town and talk to the tax person, and

2010-10-12 LLC and home ownership:

It would go under the business name, however, the owners would also be on the title.  Some of these programs have it that you can not own another house for 2 years.  Check the ownership rules to make sure

2010-10-10 credit report:

Well, I am not going to lie.  Bankruptcy will hurt your credit score.  But depending on what your debt(s) are, they could hurt your credit more and longer.  Bankruptcy, while it will hurt your credit up

2008-09-09 Privately buying a house that is realtor listed:

You can do this private sell, BUT the Realtor will still get the money.  So basic, no you can not sell the house private.    Once it is listed with a Realtor, it must be sold with a Realtor.    And no

2008-08-18 buying a home with bad credit:

Dana,    I put effort in.  I am not going to lie to you.  I am telling you from real world exp.    If you do not belive me, call and try to get a loan.    First, since it is under 50k, it will be hard


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