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buying and selling process such as:
General questions from first time buyers
How to market a home
Why choose a REALTOR
How do I find a REALTOR
Should I consider buying or selling without a REALTOR--how much can I save
Should I remodel or move
How much can I expect to gain by fixing up my home before selling
Helpful tips when selling
Helpful tips when buying
finding a good mortgage loan
what is the difference between banks, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokers
Questions from the general public, people thinking about getting their real estate license, newly licensed.
Fellow professionals who have interests in networking and how to get started
What is a market evaluation and how does it differ from an appraisal what are the different loan programs
services a REALTOR can perform
when to use a lawyer
when to use escrow
what are the regional differences in the buying and selling process
what is the MLS and how does it work
how can the layman access information on the web--listings and other information
These are just a few of the questions. I can suggest that if I am unable to answer a question I will refer the inquiry to a source that can.

Experience in the area

Anyone who is in this business and who dedicates oneself to professionalism has continued to take classes and along with it,additional credentials, awards and honors. I can list a host of them, but my greatest accomplishments happen to be those of getting first time buyers (who didn't think they could afford to buy a home)into a home of their dreams. The look on their faces when I hand over the keys is worth all of the hard work.

What do you like about this subject?

Real estate is more than a profession. It is my passion. I have always enjoyed assisting people and seeing their dreams come true. It is a very dynamic business--lots to know! I find that keeping updated and learning all of the time is not only exciting, and rewarding, but essential in being the most effective in any real estate transaction.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Technology is advancing so quickly that I am in a constant state of learning new and improved ways to conduct business and help others. The use of the Internet and services such as Allexperts is the perfect example of how things are changing. I want to be on the 'cutting edge' of all of this. There are of course, all of the REALTOR designations a

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The more informed we become, the more we need to realize that the public is also accessing a lot more information these days. REALTORS are needed to help sort out the abundant amount of information. I can imagine how information overload can cause confusion and problems down the road. There are new consumer laws that professionals know of (they are in constant change and updating) that could ca

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Buyers often think that they can get a better deal or save money by doing a real estate transaction on their own. This is not always true. There are often times where they end up spending more than they should have. A good professional can actually save a client money and time. They can help the client find a better loan program, and often have the inside track on the hot deals.

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2017-02-04 buying a house at low price:

Hi Joe;  I come across unbelievable deals every once in a while, but they usually come with a catch.  A home that sells for so low is 'as is' which means you may inherit a lot more than you bargained for

2016-12-16 property online:

Hi Jerome;  I would suggest Facebook, Linked in and then a couple of home sites like Trulia and Zillow. Afe you selling by yourself or do you have a broker representing you?  If you have a broker then

2016-08-31 Solar panels on homes.:

Dear John;  The biggest problem with leasing solar panels is that the buyer of the home must also qualify for the monthly lease commitment.  It might mean that someone who is stretching their monthly payments

2016-07-09 rent apartment or buy mobile home:

Hi Bob;  I assume you mean $20,000 for a mobile home.  If you consider paying cash and knowing that the only monthly payment is $700 a month as long as that is affordable for you I think that it is a better

2016-04-11 how long after selling must you go:

Dear Jean;  I hope that you are using a closing attorney (or someone equivalent).  I don't know what your contract stated but usually there is an agreement that states the closing date in the agreement


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