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I am a District Nurse in the United Kingdom, and would be pleased to offer enayone help in anything connected with community nursing.

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Debbie03/06/09101010thank you. What does ITEC stand for?
Rick03/14/08101010Thank you for your quick response. We .....

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2011-10-03 Doctor:

Hi Harrison    I am UK based so not sure how it works across the pond however, first things first - you need to get a good level of science based educational qualifications to get into medicine first and

2010-04-26 career guidance:

Hi Anjali    I am unsure where you are based, but in the UK to become a psychiatrist you must first complete medical training and then specialise - around 8 - 10 years training in all.    There are other

2010-03-21 process to become a PA?:

Dear Michael,    I agree this is very confusing and even more so for me as I am UK based so all of this is double ducth to me!  we do not have this system but we do have nurse practitioners who have to

2009-06-07 College?:

They get student loans to cover it and then they pay it back at a very slow rate once they are earning over 15,000 per year.  If they never earn that much, they never pay it back.    Often they get part-time

2009-06-07 College?:

I am UK based and things are different here. Have you got a careers office in your town?  When you go to High School - if it ilike here, there will be a careers officer within the school who can answer


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