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Topics relating to independent motion picture production.

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Motion Picture Writer, Director and Producer.
Sundance Institute Lab Finalist.
Production and Entertainment Career Consultant (actors, writers, directors, below-the-line crew),
Motivational Speaker and Panelist.


Writer's Guild of America
FILM: Independent
Women in Film


New York University Tisch School of the Arts

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Andrew06/19/12101010Thank you very much your answer was .....

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2008-10-10 Conflict of interest regarding print jobs:

Hi Cate,    I'm a little confused by the "two different agents" information in your question, since your agent should know and find out for you, on your behalf, if there is any conflicts with the new client


Hi Monica,    Your question is impossible to address in this short answer free forum.      Mainly because dealing with your situation would really require a full consult session--I would have to ask you

2007-08-10 Where can i find a local film commission hotline?:

Hi Lilybeth,    Well, there's a reason why you have no clue, because there is no such thing as a film commission "hotline."    And since contacting film commission offices are more geared towards producers

2007-01-16 What to do with money:

Hi Don,    Well, you're actually starting your search in a good place.    The first thing, as a prospective financier, your goal is distribution--not just film festivals.  There is a reason why it's called

2007-01-03 Acting?:

Hi Melissa,  Congratulations on knowing what you want to do with your future. You will find it to be a great benefit to have discovered this passion at age 14.    The first thing you want to do is not


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