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Questions about acting and directing. Questions about getting started in a careeer. Questions about training and schooling for actors.

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I am a retired film actor. I am a retired university theatre program director and professor. I am the author of "The Tao of Acting, Mentoring for the Aspiring Actor" to be published this summer.




BA, MA, PhD in Theatre Post graduate study with certificate in Media Acting

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John Golden Traveling Fellowship

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2016-01-17 school:

Dear Anton, Most all of the long standing dramatic arts schools are fine.  The distinction you have to make is whether you want an academic degree or if you want a certificate in dramatic arts (acting

2016-01-05 College and books.:

Hello, Anton,    It sounds to me that you have everything together for your future study. For film, USC or UCLA are best and a four year degree is best as well. I encourage you to read my book, The Tao

2016-01-04 Careers:

Hi Carlee, YOu would go to a university known for filmmaking, such as UCLA or USC and mjor in filmmaking, devoting your life to it if you want to succeeed. I hAve no connections, you ,make those for yourself

2015-10-22 eye blinking during test camera:

Dear AO. Unfortantely, I do not have time to watch your videos, but I can tell you that it is very important that you do not have a lot eye movement on camera unless it is part of the action of the scene

2015-08-30 Son in a promotional video:

Hi Art   The world of promotional videos and of feature films is quite different. It would be helpful to know what sort of contract he has for the Delta gig.  While the independent work experience offers


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