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I can answer questions on the business practices of commercial photography, self promotion, and negotiations.

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I have a BFA in commercial photography, and have been an artist representative for 12 years.


Society of Photographer and Artists Representatives Advertising Photographers of America


BFA in Commercial photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Clients include; ad agencies, design firms, Fortune 500 companies, Bank of America, State Farm Insurance, Segway, Williams-Sonoma.

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mallisa07/02/11101010Thanks for your help.
Nina04/07/11101010Thanks so much you are awesome!
Mary02/04/11101010Dear Tricia, Thanks so much for the .....
Julia07/12/091010Thank you
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Recent Answers from Tricia Scott-Sahler

2011-12-03 photographer:

Hi Elsa,    You should look up the photographer on the internet and see if they are real.  Check out his work, see if he does this for a living.  Ask him to provide you with references that you can call

2011-07-18 photography:

Toni,    Working as a professional photographer is like any job, HARD WORK!  Most professionals spend years perfecting their craft.  There are many ways to make money, licensing images, selling prints

2011-06-25 copyright:

Hi Mallisa,    You have to copyright each image unfortunately.  Go to this link: and you can fill it out electronically.  The best thing to do is to send them before they are

2011-04-08 Follow-up on selling a photo:

It is not industry practice to use use the image "forever".  It is definitely done, but traditionally they pay more for that.  But it's up to you.  Even if you license it to him for unlimited time on the

2011-04-07 Selling a photo:

yes, you should specify time and use, email it to him and have him sign it and send back before you send the file. has great info, as well as your local ASMP.  Not sure what state you


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