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Army Aviation, Commercial Aviation including regional and major, EMS helicopter

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I flew Blackhawk helicopters for 9 years in the U.S. Army active duty and guard. I flew the SF340 and Canadair Regional Jet for Comair and the DC-9 for Northwest. I am currently flying EMS missions in BK-117 and EC-145 helicopters for Air Methods Corporation. I hold an ATP Turbojet rating, Commercial Instrument Rotorcraft and have been a CFI and MEI airplane instructor in addition to instructing in the military and in simulators.


Professional Helicopter Pilots Organization Nation EMS Pilots Association


B.S. Aviation Science Oklahoma State University U.S. Army Warrant Officer Aviation Course ATP Turbojet Commercial Instrument Rotorcraft In addition I own and operate a small business employing 70 full and part time folks not in the aviation industry.

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