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I can answer questions about starting a career as a professional pilot, focused on the corporate side of aviation. I welcome any questions regarding how to start from scratch, the costs that are involved in training from 0 experience to commercial licenses, the time frame to expect in earning your ratings, resources to start your training, and any advice on getting your foot in the door once earning your commercial license. I can also give perspectives from flying in the corporate world. **Please note that I offer advice on flying, and I cannot answer questions in the areas corporate business or administration**

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I am a contract corporate pilot.


Commercial Pilot single and multiengine land. Instrument rated. Type rated in Cessna Citation 500.

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anirban muhury09/29/12101010 

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Maureen,  Thanks for your question.  I'm not sure in your country how this process works, but in the US you can simply enroll in an aviation university and earn your commercial certificate.  Although,

2013-12-11 flying:

N,  Thank you for your questions.  1) How safe is flying?    If you are referring to flying with the airlines, it is extremely safe.  Not that any other sector of the flying industry is particularly dangerous

2013-10-10 AVIATION:

Precious,  Thank you for your question.  I need a little more information to understand what exactly you are needing to know.  Are you currently in high school, college?  Things are much different here

2012-10-13 Aviation Careers:

Kia:  Thank you for your question.    If I understand this correctly, you are defining the "operations" side of aviation to mean that you are interested in piloting aircraft?  If that is the case, then

2012-09-28 pilot training and airline management:

Anirban,  Thank you for your question.  I will do my best here, as some of the items you are addressing are outside of my knowledge and expertise.     You asked:    "(1)i want to be a pilot.i am just 19


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