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As the Chief Flight Instructor and director of Skylark Flight Academy, I can answer questions regarding flight training of fixed wing (airplanes) aircraft. Topics such as: pilot license procedures, knowledge (private, commercial, instrument, instuctor etc.) regulations, etc.

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Matthew McNulty04/22/13101010Thanks so much. Your answers will be .....
Consuelo06/14/12101010Thank you for your answer, but I .....
Ruya Sakharkar05/27/1210 

Recent Answers from David Bidwell

2014-06-30 IFR Certification:

Hi Lincoln,  I apologize for taking so long getting back to you but for some reason, I just received your question. For an airplane to be IFR certified it needs to have the pitot static system inspected

2013-04-21 Project Questions on Air Safety:

Hello Matthew,  That's a lot of information. I'll do my best.  1.  I have always wanted to fly. I was inspired as a child watching television and always fantasized about flying. Whenever a plane flew overhead

2012-06-11 at what age:

Hello Consuelo,  I'm not clear on what you want to do.  With that said, I can tell you that the only age limit in aviation is that of an airline pilot (65) other than that there is not limit for private

2012-05-26 Pilot Training:

Hello Ruya,  Your question asks for an opinion rather than facts.  If you are looking to fly for the airlines, a fact that I can give you is that they do require a college degree.  That should answer that

2012-03-15 5th grader doing a career project:

Hello Rhiannon,  To begin with, STEM is applied to aviation in many ways.  For example take the subject of aerodynamics.  The shape of an aircraft such as wing structure (is it a high wing or low wing


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