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Can advise people thinking about beginning and aviation career and espcially those thinking about an aviation university program. Can also help with aviation scholarship questions. I am particularly strong in questions related to starting a flight career, choosing a university flight or aviation management program, aviation internships and aviation scholarships. Also, I can assist with questions about airport management and planning careers and oveall aviation industry employment questions.

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Prepared In addition to aviation education, I work at a major university, I have worked as an airport planner preparing airport system plans, airport master plan and environmental assessment reports for the Chicago area in general and for several individual Illinois airports.

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As a professor and department chair for a department of aviation management and flight at a major aviation-oriented university, I have been involved in aviation-related degree programs since 1975, full time since 1977. I love working with students, and potential students and their parents to assist students with college, career and related choices

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Aviation careers are cyclical....since the early 1960s, there has been a ten year down cycle in the aviation industry in the early part of each decade. We are going through one right now as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, but, this is not the first downturn in aviation and it will likely not be the last. The downturns in the early part of each decade are normally followed by a strong ups

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