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Air Traffic Controller careers. I am an Air Traffic Controller at Atlanta ARTCC. I will be able to answer questions concerning Air Traffic Controller qualifications, Job satisfaction, Job Requirements, En Route Job locations, Training requirements, working conditions, etc. 21 years as an Air Traffic Controller at Memphis and Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC)

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A lot of air traffic controllers don't work in a tower. Enroute controllers never see the aircraft that they are working, instead they sit in a control room and separate the aircraft using radar.

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Eva05/13/13101010Thanks Mr. Grant. I will go ahead .....
Eva05/07/13101010Thanks so much for your quick and .....
Matthew McNulty05/01/13101010Hi Dacus, Thanks for your answers. They .....

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2013-05-07 5 Months Before I Age-Out!:

You're welcome, however I don't think that I have been much help.  I don't know what to tell you about other regions, I thought everything was handled through Oklahoma City.  It can't hurt to call any

2013-05-06 5 Months Before I Age-Out!:

Hi Eva,    It sounds like you are doing all the right things.  Since you have been in the process for 6 years I assume that you have taken the ASAT. Is that correct?  What kind of score did you get?  Have

2013-04-23 Project Questions on Air Safety:

Hi Mathew, Sorry about the delay.  No excuses  1.  I never really thought about it until a friend talked me and 3 others into taking the ATC test.  I was the only one to pass and I got hired.  2.  Generally

2011-03-24 When is the next Test?:

Hi Willie,         Yes you can take the test as a civilian, however the FAA must have an "Off the Street" bid opening.  I have not seen one of these in a couple of years.  My son took the test as a civilian

2011-03-02 Question from the tv show csi Miami:

Hi Jon,     I will try to help.  First I have a few questions/comments.  You said a small plane, but a G4 is not a small plane and the avionics are apt to be different in a larger plane.  A small plane


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