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I have been an electronics engineer for more than 25 years. I can answer questions on analog and digital circuits, and my specialty is sensors.

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I am the inventor on 23 US patents, and also some foreign ones. Developed sensors for over 25 years. Licensed airplane and helicopter private pilot, have HAM radio license.

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2015-06-16 Wire return system:

Need more info.  A three wire return call system has one battery, two SPST pushbutton switches, two bells, and a three wire cable between the two locations.  It can be changed to use only two wires between

2012-02-14 motion detector:

That means not to use it with standard fluorescents or with motors, etc., because they can have higher starting power than the rated power (and burn out the drive circuit of the detector).  CFLs were not


You could use a simple voltage divider with the 110VDC going through a 100k resistor, then through a 4.75k resistor to common.  The point between the two resistors (we'll call this the voltage tap) will

2010-12-08 Tesla Coil:

There are lots of webpages that show how to build Tesla coils. And some people sell kits of parts or components.    Two tutorials on building are:

2010-08-30 Engineering Interview:

1. BSEE,  MBA  2. self-employed  3. sensors  4. owner  5. design of various types of sensors  6. 60 hours per week  7. high school, then university  8. start own company sooner  9. it is best if you enjoy


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