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If you have a question about Meteorology (weather), I can answer it! Please, no private questions.

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2013-06-02 Science..........:

Hi Aj    If a home has a moisture problem it is either caused no french drains, a leaky roof, or lack of normal ventilation.    A landlord requesting open windows may be trying to hide mold smell, some

2012-08-18 Storm Chasing:

Hi Justin    Radar detects rain, hail, dust, insects and spin of particles. There have been cases of tornadoes with no rain at the exact funnel, however, all tornadoes form at the base of a thunderstorm

2012-07-18 Enquiring about climatology:

Hi Bulelwa    Math is very important in climatological studies because of the need to spot patterns and relate variables mathematically to each other.    These links may help:    http://www.weatherknowledge

2012-07-13 information about Meteology:

Hi Susan    Try University of the Witwatersrand,

2012-06-11 hi Mr. Donald Rosenfeld:

Hi Ruthann    There are many different type jobs in Meteorology so you should be able to work in the field at some position depending upon the level of education you reach.    The best place to learn about


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