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I can answer questions regarding careers in ministry, religious education, and counseling, with a particular interest in lay ministry.

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MATS, McCormick Theological Seminary Ordained minister Former United Methodist lay speaker Former Boy Scout chaplain Interest in lay ministry opportunities: speaking, education, lay religious orders.


I am a specialist in the field of alternative religions and have published five references guides on various groups.


BA, Oral Roberts University, Behavioral Sciences MATS, McCormick Theological Seminary

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James10/30/14101010Thank you for responding. Appreciate it.
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Recent Answers from Joel Bjorling

2015-01-05 PBU:

Dorgan's book is probably your best resource. Try Amazon Marketplace.  They are a small group with about four congregations. I don't know of their view of non-Christians  I doubt they see religion as progressive

2015-01-02 Swedenborg:

I think universalism is in the Bible because the gospel is open to all    In the Old Testament, it says that all nations will come to the mountain of God  To me, this says that God's plan is directed to

2015-01-02 Swedenborg:

Hi, Calvin, Happy New Year!  You ask an interesting question.  It is less about the Bible as it is about Christian theology.  "Hell" has been understood in many ways.  To some, as the Jehovah's Witnesses

2014-12-01 legal self-ordination:

You need to see if the local/area government has any requirements regarding what is a minister.  The law in Canada is likely different than in the US.  It may require that one be serving a church or have

2014-10-30 Is There An Online School That Has A Bachelors Degree In Biblical Languages:

Off-hand, I do not know of any online schools that offer s BA in Biblical Languages.  There is an online school called Liberty University that may or it might be BA in New Testament or Old Testament that


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