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My knowledge is in the areas of structural insect or rodent pest problems. I do not know enough about lawn and garden pests to be of any help there...

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I've retired from the pest control industry in Central Florida. I spent 15 years in all areas of the industry (sales, night technician, integrated pest management specialist, service manager, and branch manager for both National and local companies.


Formerly sat on the Florida Pest Management Association's Board of Directors (Region IV)


Retired Florida State Certified Pest Control Operator -

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Jan03/14/17101010thanks for the info. George we appreciate .....
Santosh Jalukar01/21/17101010Thanks. I will follow your instructions and .....
Marc09/11/16101010Very helpful, thanks!
Babal Geoffrey01/05/16101010Thanks a lot sir

Recent Answers from George E Serdes

2017-03-14 mice:

Dear Jan,    Sorry to hear of your troubles. That exterminator you mentioned was right, if you see one, there are others you don't see.    Unfortunately there is no repellent for mice. Those electronic

2017-01-20 Drainage insects:

Dear Santosh,    I know of no repellent that would be effective against these insects.      One method that could give you some relief would be to deny them the reason they are there. These insects are

2017-01-17 booklice!!:

Dear Jade,    What we refer to as 'booklice' are NOT lice at all. They are an insect known as a psocid. These insects absolutely, positively MUST have moisture to exist. Their food is mold, which requires

2017-01-08 Rodent Infestation:

Dear Elizabeth,    You don't say why you aren't sure they are gone. What did you do to get rid of them? If you haven't yet taken measures to eradicate them, please contact at least three pest control firms

2016-08-17 Indian meal moth source infestation:

Dear Linda,    Kudos to you and yours for all the hard work you've done. Unfortunately, sometimes that's what required.     But, that's pretty much over with now. Now, you or your pest person need to get


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