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I can answer questions about the control of pest insects, spiders, mites and related arthropods. These household pests include termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, nuisance ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, and many others. I can also answer questions about using pesticides and other pest control tools such as baits and traps.

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I am a retired university extension entomologist. I've taught and conducted research in urban and agricultural entomology. I've published over 70 extension publications, 20 research publications and several books about insects.


Ph.D. in Entomology

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Recent Answers from Jack DeAngelis

2017-01-01 worms or larvae ?:

May,    This is the larval stage of a beetle. Unfortunately at this stage they can be very difficult to id so the best option is to check any stored food (including pet food) that is in the area. If this

2016-12-29 Tiny house bug:

Shelby,    This is a weevil (beetle) that infests seeds and grains. Normally when they occur in homes it is because of infested stored grains such as wheat or corn (whole kernels, not flour). Another common

2016-11-15 Roach:

Sherri,    The best option in this case is cockroach baits (see You can apply these yourself but given your location (southern US) I'd use the professional

2016-10-24 german cockroaches in condo:

Cecillia,    Cockroaches are very common in apartment buildings and attached condos (see for general information about these insects). They probably did not

2016-10-20 Identification of Egg:

John,    I agree with Ed that the image in that question is not related to bed bugs, see for ways to detect and identify bed bugs. If you have a photo of your


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