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My Pest Control and Nuisance Wildlife Removal experience is in Residential, Commercial, Public Housing, Multiple Story Hi Rises, Agricultural facilities. My company is located in Lewisburg, Ohio and our Web sites are

Experience in the area

20 years in Pest Control and Nuisance Wildlife Removal business were we provide exclusion services for pest control and nuisance wildlife along with latrine and gauno cleanup.


National Wildlife Control Operators Association's, Bed Bug Professional Group, Pest Management Professional Network, Wildlife Professionals Network, Rodent Management Network


Licensed and Certified in Ohio with the Department of Agriculture and Ohio Division of Wildlife as a Nuisance Wildlife Operator.

Past/Present Clients

Commercial Kitchens, Pre-Schools, librarys, Banks, Post offices, Urgent care, Fire houses, Kennels, Veterinarian offices, grocerys, nursing homes.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

One square mile of land contains more insects than the total number of human beings on earth!

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james10/24/16101010ok, thank you very much!
Kenny08/30/16101010Steve gave me an excellent response and .....
Dave08/17/16101010Thank you so much!
Laurie 07/07/16101010Thanks for your help.
Colleen05/26/16101010Thank you. That helped a lot!

Recent Answers from Steve Oswalt

2016-10-22 how to avoid rats getting in the hoiuse:

Hi James,    Rats only need a hole the size of a quarter, or a gap that is about 5/8 inch to gain access to your house. You have to check many areas of the building - in fact, the whole building, to find


Kenny those look to be bat droppings. If you inspect the droppings you will see the ends are not tapered. Also bat droppings held up to light or flashlight tend to shine as the wings of insects they have

2016-08-17 Indian meal moths, can't find source:

Cleaning Up an Infestation    Most commonly, by the time the insects are noticed, they have already spread to other food packages. Carefully inspect all packages, especially those that have been opened

2016-06-01 Bed Bugs?:

Hi Melissa, I would safely say those are not from Bedbugs however I would invest in Bedbug proof mattress covers for both the mattress and box springs. By covering both infestation does not take over the

2016-05-19 A few more carpet beetle questions....:

Sorry for the delayed response Colleen.     Yes dry steamers should be effective,Iron items. As far as leather in the oven don't have any idea about that it.  Carpet beetles feed on animal and plant substances


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