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Any and all questions regarding bats in houses, attics and chimneys. All questions in regards to bat guano in houses and removing bat guano from attics. All questions regarding squirrel removal, raccoon removal and skunk removal.

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I am a Wildlife Control specialist with many years experience in the field. I specialize in bat removal and exclusion services.

Organizations National Wildlife Control Operators Association Better business bureau Bat Conservation International Massachusetts Audubon Society



Graduate from Microsoft Academy. 8 years experience owning and operating

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United States Navy Umass Dartmouth Astors Beechwood Mansion, Newport RI CVS Pharmacy

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I really enjoy solving problems for people and working with animals.

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Recent Answers from Matthew Grady

2013-10-17 Noises in the Attic:

I'm not familiar with the construction methods in your area so this may seem like a silly question:    Are there power lines (electric) that run from the telephone pole at the street and attach to the

2013-10-06 Noises in the Attic:

Hi Trudy    Assuming the problem is squirrels:  If you still have the problem then there is still an opening somewhere in the roof/roofline/gutters. The opening needs to be found and dealt with accordingly

2012-11-12 Bats in the garage:

Hi Carey    The only way to permanently solve a bat infestation at any structure is to eliminate all entry-points or potential entry-points that are available to the bats. So the fact that the garage is

2012-08-26 Chipmunks:

Hi Dee    If I'm picturing your situation correctly I think you have mis-identified the droppings. Look directly above the area where the droppings are showing up. Is there a gable or a section of rake-board

2012-08-02 bats (or chimney swifts) in chimney:

Everything you've described sounds like chimney swifts. Swifts are much louder than bats in a chimney and also roost much lower in chimneys while bats roost at the top and cannot come and go from modern


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